Sunday, May 17, 2009

Water Water Everywhere

The rainy season started last week. May 10th, to be exact, according to the weather forecasters on television. True to form, we operated on "Keys Time" so no rain actually fell until May 15th.
We're making up for it now. It's one of those rare days when the clouds blanket the entire sky and send down sheets of rain. This could last for hours, or minutes. Who knows?
Well, those of us who automatically check the radar on a weather website know. Much to the pleasure of my cousin and his girlfriend, once this storm cell passes over, we should be in the clear for awhile.
I love the rain -- in small doses. We need it to overcome the drought conditions.
The Superboat Grand Prix race could be in jeopardy. I don't imagine they want to power those big expensive boats at high speed over rocking seas. If I hear helicopters and motors in a few minutes, I'll know.
Right now all I hear is the deep rumble of thunder, like the sky is dyspeptic and about to belch out lightning.


Hisle said...

I love rain storms. Something about all the booms and electricity is strangely calming to me. Weird? Probably. What can I say?


Mary Stella said...

Negative ions in the water?