Saturday, December 26, 2009

Celebrate the Positive

It's the day after Christmas. Our spirits are filled with holiday cheer. Our bellies are groaning from cookies and egg nog. Any day now we're going to look at the calendar and start thinking about New Year's Eve and how we're expected to make resolutions.

It's like the Cosmos saying, "You've had your happy ho-ho-ho. Time to climb back aboard the guilt train."

I refuse to end a year setting myself up for disappointment. Instead of kicking off 2010 with dread wondering how long (or how short) it will be before I crash and burn on some lofty resolution, I'd rather bring to mind the cool, happy, wonderful things that made 2009 special. Here goes, in no particular order of importance or significance.

All year long I was heavily involved in getting a dog park built in our town. (As you know if you've read this blog before.) Our group held something like a dozen fundraising events, canvassed the town, stood up to opposition, nurtured support and got the job done. Thanks to everyone's efforts and the community's generosit, the park is almost finished and we're doing a ribbon cutting on January 2nd. Power to the Paws!

The dog park led to me meeting some truly outstanding people and forming new friendships. My life has expanded in the most wonderful way. I feel blessed and am grateful to have these new friends.

Some of these new friends helped me develop the confidence to buy my first boat. Without their encouragement, guidance and support, I might not have taken this step. Thanks to them, instead of looking back with regret, I can eagerly anticipate many good times ahead.

I went on my first cruise early in the year. What a blast. It certainly added to my life's experience list with snorkel trips in Jamaica and Grand Cayman, an appearance in a cruise show/activity called Peer Factor, and other fun events.

As a direct result of exploring social media more for work, I signed up for Facebook. Through this, I've reconnected with a number of folks that I'd lost touch with over the years. I think we're all having fun keeping up with glimpses into each other's lives.

Speaking of reconnecting . . . last spring, a dearly loved cousin flew down to visit. After not seeing each other for quite some time, we got to spend four lovely days together. This also reminded me of how long it had been since I'd seen her parents - my aunt and uncle - and I was able to arrange a trip to see them before I went to Cape Cod. Family matters and even if short, the visit was good.

As I type this, I'm sitting in the kitchen of my brother and sister-in-law's house. I've spent a lovely holiday time with them and my nephews. Each time, I remember how truly fortunate we are to be a family that loves and cares about each other. Even though I moved away to Florida eight years ago and don't get to see them often, there is no distance that love can't travel or medium that it can't use to keep hearts connected.

Yes, indeed. 2009 has been a year worth celebrating with high points and achievements. Here's to a 2010 that's just as great, if not better!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

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