Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Story

Since I'm a newly-minted Jack Kilborn fan, I'd like to share the wealth. Why should I be the only one huddling in the corner with the lights on, jumping when branches scratch the windows or some unexplained something rattles the trash cans outside at night?

Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouche (Hmm... King, Koontz, Crouche, Kilborn -- what is it with horror writers and that hard "kuh" beginning to their last names?) have teamed up to write Serial.

They've also teamed up to offer you this horror novella for free.

Check it out on the blog of Kilborn's alter-ego JA Konrath.

I'm going to download it myself and read it later. After I turn on all of the lights at home.

1 comment:

Mary Stella said...

I read Serial. It's a fast-paced thriller, pitting serial killer against serial killer.

Definitely go along for the ride!