Friday, May 22, 2009

Four Days Off and Much to Do

It's Memorial Day Weekend here in the U.S. Not only do I have Monday off, but I also took off Tuesday because friends are supposed to come down and visit. A lovely four day weekend stretches out ahead of me like a lovely blank canvas just waiting for me to paint in recreational activities.

Right after I take care of some responsibilities. Tomorrow I'm joining several members of our dog park group to bag groceries at the local Publix. Tips for our service will be collected as donations toward building the dog park. I spent the last hour printing out additional invitations to another fundraising even we've planned (A Gold Party!) and creating a letter/receipt form that we can give to people who hand us cash donations.

After the bagging adventure, I have major cleaning to do around the house. There are some serious dog hair tumbleweeds lurking under cabinets and in corners. Beware, dog hair. You can't hide from the mighty Oreck vacuum.

I wish I could rent a handyperson for a few little tasks around the house. My porch needs to be pressure washed and painted and my front door should be painted, too. I could probably handle the front porch painting. It's just a big rectangle. No big challenge. Technically, the door is a rectangle, too, but it has the door knob and lock which are circular. I think I'd have to remove them first to make my brushstrokes straight and that could be courting trouble. I'm sure it isn't that big a deal to unscrew the screws that hold those things in place but what if I can't reinstall them correctly? I'd have to call a locksmith to fix things and probably pay extra for a Saturday. This would negate the money I might have saved by attempting to paint the door myself.

So why not just cut straight to the checking account and get that handyperson?

I could make a list of other projects. Okay, I already have a list of other projects in my head. I just haven't tackled any of them. For this weekend, the basic cleaning chores will suffice. Vacuum, dust, mop floors, polish the appliances, make up the beds in the guest bedroom, tackle the overflowing towers of books in my bedroom, do laundry, give the dogs a bath, clean the algae off of the aquarium. Joy at the thought of all this domestic bliss builds inside me until it wants to bubble over like... like... acid reflux?

Okay, Mary, quityerbitchen, I remind myself. It could be worse. I could have all of these chores to accomplish and have half the time in which to do so.

Rainbows might be faint, but at least they're still rainbows!

After all, I'd like to embrace the "holiday" part of holiday weekend!

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