Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol - The Big Winner

I'm not actually talking about Kris Allen. I meant me! After months of intense competition, when the final points were tallied, I kept my spot at the top of the AI Pool and won the first place prize. After a donation to my favorite organization in honor of the awesome Jen and Joe Schmidt who organize and run the pool, I will put my winnings to good use.

While I bask in victory and bragging rights (Hey, this was a serious competition!), here are a few final thoughts on last night's final.

Adam didn't need to win. He'll go light years farther and faster with his career than Kris.

I like Kris. I think he'll have a career, but it will be more on the level of Josh Gracin (who isn't doing half bad) than Carrie Underwood (who quickly achieved superstar status).

For his big finale costume, Randy shopped at the House of Urkel.

Adam incorporated scraps of Thunderdome in his outfit for the Kiss number.

They should do montages that mock the judges at the beginning of each week's results show.

Rod Stewart should change the lyrics to Maggie May so he sings, "The big spotlight when it's in my face really shows my age but that don't worry you none cause in your eyes I'm a super rich, baby-making, sugar daddy."

The producers were cruel to make Scott McIntyre learn all of those dance routines. Just let the man sit at his piano and sing!

Steve Martin performed on banjo while Megan Joy and Michael Sarver butchered his song. His expression said, "Jaime Foxx got a mentor gig and I'm stuck with these second rate bozos."

They should do away with the "Idol Awards" that lets them trot out the worse performers and mock them again. Either that or make one award for "Biggest Whacko".

Until next season, Stella out!

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