Sunday, September 04, 2011

Spicing Life with Variety

I'm having lots of fun this weekend and I realized that to some extent it's because life hasn't been the "same old same old".  Let me give you a quick recap. . .

Came home from work on Friday, put on my Phillies T-shirt and settled into watching the Phillies play the Marlins on television.  This was the perfect, relaxing way to end a busy day.  Saturday, I slept in a little, and then did some things around the house.  Ran up to the veterinarian's office to get heartworm preventative meds for Nat and Pyxi and then checked in at the salon for a mini-facial.  Ahhh.

Hit the supermarket to pick up the makings of meals over the next few days.  Got everything put away at home.  Read for a while on the porch.  Chatted with a neighbor.  Jumped into the pool for some exercise.  Made dinner, then showered and got ready to join friends at a small gathering to celebrate a friend's birthday and survey some, um, risque' products.  (Chocolate vodka and amaretto = delicious martini.)

This morning I had a personal to-do list: Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and read the paper; Assemble ingredients in the crock pot and get it started for dinner later;  Purchase a grease gun and marine-grade lubricant and attempt to grease the zercs on my boat.  (This meant learning what zercs are, not to mention figure out how to assemble and load a grease gun.); meet my friend back at the salon to get my eyelashes permed (no mascara necessary); Take Nat and Pyxi up to DRC to meet the DolphinLab students they'll be working with all week; Come home and attempt to grease said zercs (I was semi-successful but need a little instruction.); Add salt to the pool; Exercise in pool.

Whew!  Now that's a day.  I'm a little tired, but pleasantly so.  My muscles have that stretched, fluid warm feel.  My mind is completely content and relaxed.   My house smells delicious and I'm almost ready to enjoy that dinner that's been cooking all day.

Read as a list, no one thing that I did was all that exciting.  Certainly nothing to make you clap your hands with glee and think, "Wow.  Can't wait to get to it!"  Even so, each item on the list added up to a whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  The day, as a whole, brought some fun, some challenge, and a great deal of satisfaction.

Wonder if I can achieve the same level of satisfaction with whatever I do tomorrow?

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