Saturday, April 09, 2011

Quick Bit from RT

I'm at the Romantic Times Booklover Convention in Los Angeles. (Waving to the housesitter and dogs back home!) I know that I should be filling the blog with great stories and pictures. Unfortunately, my camera broke the night before I flew out and the Hi-Speed Internet connection in the hotel is so slow that I could regenerate teeth faster. So, here's a quick shot of highlights: Seeing friends I love and adore Had lunch with a writing hero - Emmy winning writer/director/producer Ken Levine. Check out his very funny blog on my blog roll. I read his newly e-published book of travelogs on the plane ride. It's hilarious! Attended a chat with Dean Koontz who was extremely funny. Free signed book - BONUS! Attended a panel discussion by five soap stars - fun, enlightening. Great reader chat moderated by Sarah of Smart Bitches blog and Jane Litte of Dear Author. Great to hear what readers have to say about what they want. Performed last night in Heather Graham's annual dinner show. This year's performance was Zombie Dancers from Planet 9. We survived the show, although I got to die brilliantly on stage as the murder victim Signed at the ebook expo yesterday. Sold a print copy and handed out several postcards announcing the e-versions of my books. Also signed a male friend's "tramp stamp". That's a first! (He's the husband of a friend. Next time, it's the abs.) Heading out now for the bookfair. I feel limited in what I can buy, cursed by Spirit Airlines ridiculous 40 pound weight limit on checked baggage. May just have to pay for the overage, damn them. That's all for now. Have a great day!


Sue G said...

Love, love Dean Koontz, he is sooo funny and his books rock. He has a Christmas story from several years back called "Sant's Evil Twin" read it if you can, it's great.

Too much weight in books?? Send them book rate through the post office.

Holly Grassia said...

Sounds like an awesome time! So happy you had a great trip.

London Mabel said...

Just pay! Or can you keep a running tab of things to look up when you get home??