Saturday, April 02, 2011

A "Me" Day

I'm heading out to the pool to exercise in a bit, but I'm really trying to blog more consistently, so I stopped by here first. I like to blog, so even this has become part of my "Me" day. Me days are important. I'm a big believer that most of us deserve to set aside time for activities and treats just for ourselves. I also don't feel that we do this often enough. It isn't selfish, or even particularly indulgent, to foster some quality self-care. Think on it. Most of us have day jobs and then we have our life responsibilities on top of it, so we spend a whole bunch of time each day taking care of things and work for other people or organizations. If you don't work outside the home, chances are you devote a lot of your time to other people in your family. Am I right? So, how am I indulging myself with this Me day? I slept in a little later this morning and relaxed over breakfast instead of eating and rushing out the door. I'm heading out for a dip which is always fun. Later this morning, I'm going for a facial. As good as that is for my skin care, I love the experience more for the 90 minutes of pure pampering. (Check back later for deets on my first ever eyelash perming.) On the way home, I'll hit the store to buy ingredients and make something that I really like for dinner. Don't know what it will be yet. I'm open to inspiration. This afternoon, I'm digging into de-cluttering my bedroom in a big way. "Wait!", I hear you cry. "Cleaning is work. That's not You time!" Well, it is and it isn't. Normally, I'd agree and equate cleaning with something equally enjoyable -- like a root canal -- but this time it really is for me. In May, I'm having my master bedroom redone. I've already lined up my favorite contractor -- John of the brilliant work on my kitchen and bathroom remodeling -- and need to start preparing. So, first the de-clutter because, frankly, the room's a mess right now. Then John can come in to do measurements so I know how much flooring and what size windows to order. I've wanted to redo the bedroom for years and am very excited about finally tackling the project. So, see? The work today really is for me. I have clothes to go through so I can decide what to pack for an upcoming trip - always fun. I picked up a book from a series that I really like and have reading time built in. I definitely see some relaxing porch time with the dogs in the plans for the day. It really is all about me and it makes me feel good just thinking about it. How about you? What are you doing for yourself today? What have you done recently? What's your top choice for making it all about you?

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Hope said...

That sounds like an awesome day!