Friday, August 20, 2010

Uncommon Courtesy

I just spent forty-five minutes writing a new blog post. I thought I'd saved it. I thought everything was fine with my Internet and Browser, even though there's a storm crashing outside. I went to post and poof! No post. Forgive me if I don't reconstruct the entire thing, but try to make my point more succinctly.

On my flight home Wednesday, an 11 year old boy sat next to me. He offered me gum, apologized for bumping my elbow, thanked me when I reminded him to buckle his seat belt and asked the flight attendant if she needed help when he accidentally knocked over his cup of ice. We discussed books, school and football during the flight. He was an engaging conversationalist but never veered over into being annoying. At one point in the flight, I dozed off and he never bothered me.

He was truly a nice, polite kid and it was a pleasure to share the plane ride with him.

By contrast, as I waited for my suitcase at the baggage claim, some jerk shouldered me aside to grab his bag, and swung it from the belt right into me. I think he said, "Sorry", but it might have been "Outta the way, bitch" that he muttered as he rushed off. The 11 year old definitely could have given him lessons in basic courtesy.


Deborah Blake said...

Both of my sisters have brought their kids up to be polite. It never ceases to amaze me how many people aren't. Argh.

And when my first try at the captcha failed, my second word came up as "rantski" Har!

Bitchin' Betty said...

This sounds like my nephew. He is very courteous and the sweetest boy. He would have and pulled your luggage for you too. We don't even have to beat him to get him to be polite, that is just the way he is.

Hope said...

That kid sounds awesome! I hope he never outgrows it!