Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quiet but not Boring

When I was younger, if I didn't have something planned for every day, I was bored. Luckily, I loved to read from the moment I learned how, so I could always journey into a book and entertain myself for hours.

Now that I'm a lot less young, I'm a lot more balanced. If I have something enjoyable planned for a Saturday or Sunday, great. If I don't, that's great, too. Unscheduled days are filled with opportunity. I can do whatever I like, even if that means doing very little. Today was that kind of day. It began with breakfast on the porch with Nat and Pyxi, the newspaper, a hot cup of tea, warm sun, and a cool breeze. After that, I sort of spread some chores out over the hours. Straightened a little clutter, washed some clothes, did a little needlework, finished a book.

Every so often, I walked outside just in case by some unexpected weather miracle the wind had stopped blowing. In that case, I would have changed my non-plans and gone out on the boat for a couple of hours.

I thought about going uptown to the supermarket, but tossed the idea in minutes. I was too relaxed and at ease to want to change out of my "doing chores" clothes for a
public appearance.

Funny how smoothly the hours rolled with no boredom or restlessness. I websurfed a little, participated in the on-line class I'm taking, and played with the dogs.

Turns out that you can really accomplish a lot on a day with no plans. You get a lot done without ever rushing or stressing.

Now I've prepared and consumed a yummy, simple meal. I've even written a blog post.

Got a few hours left in this Sunday. Wonder what else I'll do on a day with no plans.

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Hope said...

I'm like you... I want to have something planned or I get twitchy. Except, for the past couple of months I've been over scheduled and haven't had any time for myself. Now, I just want a day where I don't have to do anything!