Sunday, January 03, 2010

These are NOT Resolutions!

We've already discussed that I do not like to make resolutions because I believe it sets me up to fail, wallow in guilt, and do damage to my self-esteem that I then try to correct with the panacea of chocolate.

I do, however, like to make commitments. I have a much better track record with delivering on these promises.

So, even though you weren't lurking around waiting for me to share, I'm listing them on the blog so that I'll have witnesses. After all, if a commitment is only made in the silence of a virtual forest and nobody's around to hear or read it, I wouldn't have to hold myself to it, right? (Well, I would if I intended to keep my honor and integrity, but why give myself any wiggle room?)

Here goes. In 2010, I commit to:

Cleaning out the clutter in what is supposed to be my office including donating books that I will never read again and ancient paper records that have outlived the period I was legally obligated to keep them filed.

Going through the closets in all three rooms and donating the clothing I will never wear again.

Continuing to be dutiful in training sessions with Nat & Pyxi. The process does us all good.

Cutting back on sugar, fat and carbs. (Notice I did not say eliminate these things. Again, why set myself up to fail?)

Staying in touch with friends that I got back in touch with this year.

Making every payment on time instead of mailing something late because I was lazy.

There are probably half a dozen more things to which I can commit, but why go overboard in the first week of January? There's 51 more weeks to go in 2010!


Hopers said...

Hear, hear!

Elle J Rossi said...

Those are good ones.

Go, Mary, go. Happy Birthday!


Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Mary,

I think I'll join you in some of those commitments. Cutting back on sugar, fat, and carbs, cleaning out the clutter, and paying bills on time shall be added to my list!

Happy Birthday!