Thursday, July 07, 2011

eBook of the Day - All Keyed Up!

As I continue my efforts in world domination rejuvenation of my books through republishing them electronically, I invested in a sponsorship at Kindle Nation Daily.  If you have a Kindle, this is a great resource for linking to books that are available for your e-reader addiction. Click here to check it out. 

For that sponsorship, my book All Keyed Up is designated as eBook of the Day!  Yes, I know this is a paid sponsorship, but I still feel a little thrill to see my book cover and text up there on the page.

Humor me, please!  :-)

The whole e-repubbing adventure continues to fascinate me and it is certainly capturing the interest of everyone in publishing.  There are no hard and fast, or particularly uniform, steps to success.   Six authors might do six things exactly alike for their books and see different sales results.  I met a woman at last week's RWA Conference who has never published her books in print.  She put two of them up online and priced the first in the series at .99 with the second on sale for 2.99.  Within eight weeks, she's sold well over 2000 copies of the first, less expensive book, and over 500 copies of the second.  Her sales are remaining consistently strong.

I put my books up in March at 2.99 a piece and was thrilled when I'd sold over 100 copies total, but I still pondered what else I could do to boost the sales numbers.  A couple of weeks ago, I dropped the price of All Keyed Up to .99 and saw a slight uptick in sales, but nothing earth-shattering.

Today, with the eBook of the Day exposure, I've already sold over 50 additional copies.  This has boosted my sales ranking on Amazon's Kindle Store to #1200 when I last checked.  That is a HUGE improvement over, say #54,000 or #129,000.

The woman at RWA advised me to add additional keywords and tags, which I did.  She also said that it helps when people post reviews, particularly if the reviews are good.  So, if you've read my books and have some free time, I'd love it if you'd consider sharing your opinions in a review. 

Apparently, the more that you improve your ranking, the more attention your book receives which should achieve more sales that further improve the ranking, get you more attention and result in more sales, and so on and so on and so on. 

That's the theory anyway.   I will say that this is certainly an interesting adventure from my perspective.  My initial goal for doing it in the first place was to empower myself in terms of my writing career and to rescue my books, which I love, from the death of being out of print, remaindered and unavailable.   Is it nice to earn some money?  Of course.  I'm still a long way from recouping my investment in new covers, formatting, advertising, etc., but at least I'm recouping a little every day. 

It really does matter to me that my books are reaching more readers.  As a storyteller, that matters to me and it does my heart good to think that I might bring enjoyment to more than 50 new readers today.

Thank you everyone!

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Hope said...

I will have to buy digital copies to join my print versions. :)