Friday, July 01, 2011

20 Things I Learned or Remembered at RWA National

I attended the national conference of RWA this week in New York City.  I'm biased, but believe that this is the best writers' organization in the world.  In random order, here are 20 things that I learned, remembered, felt, or experienced at RWA.

1) I love being a writer.
2) Publishing is a business and there are many aspects out of my control.  About all I can control is the book that I write.
3) Michael Hauge's workshops were terrific.  I finally understand and can use three act structure in my book and unite it with the characters' development.
4) Jenny Crusie is brilliant.
5) Madeline Hunter is intelligent, thoughtful, witty, and very wise!
6) I have some terrific friends who are also writers.
7) No matter how tough the business gets, there are always opportunities.
8) Writers have the best, most entertaining conversations.
9) Manhattan is big, busy, energetic and noisy.
10) The skills you use in calling a cab can help you in other ways.  Stand out, whistle and get yourself noticed but don't shove someone out of your way to do so.
11) Loving to read is a blessing.
12) Comfortable shoes can save you from a ruined day.
13) E-publishing my backlisted books was a great idea but shouldn't mean that I ignore traditional print publishers in the future.
14) Everybody has a story to tell and no matter where we are in our careers, we all have something to contribute to the conversation.
15) Do not act like a bitch to the person in line ahead of you waiting for Starbucks.  He/she could turn out to be the editor or agent to whom you're about to pitch.  (Saw someone make this mistake.)  Acxtually, don't act like a bitch to anyone.  It serves no purpose.
16) Be happy for the successes of others. 
17) Good news for any romance writers spreads out and is good news for all romance writers.
18)You might get knocked down by circumstances, but the only person who can take you out of the game is you.
19) There is no other writer in the world like you.  (Thank you, Jenny Crusie.)
20) The next valuable piece of information/knowledge is waiting just around the corner.

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