Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Typical Sunday Afternoon in the Florida Keys

Sundays. Ahh, Sundays. Another day off of work for many. A day to relax, maybe go on a picnic in the park or gather around with friends and family for a barbeque.

We like to do the same things in the Keys but, you know, we're on islands and there's a lot of water around. Given the slightest chance, we'd rather be out on our boats. When the surroundings are this pretty, wouldn't you?

Anchor up at the sandbar, swim or walk around to other boats to say hello.  It's just like a picnic at a community park, if the park is under water.

People are usually pretty happy when the weather's gorgeous and the water's warm.

My friend Angelina on my boat.  Yes, the water was really that clear.


Hope said...

Your life definitely doesn't suck!

Anonymous said...

Verb: Desire to have a quality, possession, or other attribute belonging to (someone else): "he envied tall people"; "I envy Mary Stella her beautiful Key-West lifestyle".

Nan said...

Mary Stella,

I want to come to the Keys!!

Nan/Dragonfly Betty