Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The First American Idol Recap of 2010

I'm in training for weekly recaps once the annual American Idol pool commences in a couple of weeks.

I watched most of the Top 12 Women perform tonight. With only a couple of exceptions the judges ddn't say whether they could sing well or not, but instead questioned whether they were unique, authentic, real or original.

Randy questioning someone else if they're original enough is like Charlie Sheen demanding someone else prove they're sober. Randy hasn't had an original thought or statement since the hospital nursery. Seriously, let's just record bites from the last show and plug them into a Chatty Cathy doll. Then everytime a contestant finishes singing, the judge sitting next to the doll pulls a string and Randy's voice will spew out.

I'm not overly impressed with the Top 12 women. There's a female Jason Castro and a Brooke White look and sound alike. Oh, you've forgotten Brooke White? Yeah, so has pretty much everyone else.

I have a soft spot for Katie. She's from the small place in Connecticut where my aunt, uncle and cousins live. I need to check with my cousin and see if any of her kids are in school with this kid.

Lilly Scott reminds me of Ricki Lee Jones mixed with Cyndi Lauper

If I had to pick six of them tonight to make the top 12, I guess I'd have to go with Michelle Delamor, Katie Stevens, Lilly Scott, Siobhan what's her name, and Didi BrookeWhite.

Tomorrow night with the guys will already have one major improvement. The guys won't make cutie-pie, giggly faces when Ryan gives out their phone numbers.


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Mary Stella said...

Not only can I not remember last names, but apparently I can't count. I was going to pick six names but only listed five. Yeesh!